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American Youth Soccer Organization Providing world class youth soccer programs that enrich children's lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  What makes AYSO different?

  AYSO is a non-profit organization that provides youth soccer programs for participants all over the United States and internationally
  in the Virgin Islands and Trinidad and Tobago. Consisting of over 50,000 teams and 500,000 players nationwide, AYSO is one of the leading youth soccer organizations in the world. It is often called “the biggest soccer club in the world.” 

 Our Vision 
 To provide world class youth soccer programs that enrich children’s lives. 

 Our Mission 
 To develop and deliver quality youth soccer programs which promote a fun, family environment based on our six philosophies.

 • Everyone Plays
 • Balanced Teams
 • Open Registration
 • Positive Coaching
 • Good Sportsmanship
• Player Development

 Click here to view AYSO’s Philosophies
   Besides registration fee, what other soccer expenses should I expect?
 Not included in the registration fees are the required shin guards, appropriate shoes, and a strongly recommended practice ball.
 In addition, the team managers will possibly request a small amount to cover the expenses of a team banner, end of season team party and a small gift for the coach. Also, each family is often requested to bring snacks for the team at one game during the season.
   In what age group will my child play?
 AYSO National has changed from a school year registration (age as of July 31st) to a birth year registration (age as of December 31st) in order to align with other American youth soccer programs.  Region 688 will have single-year Division for players born in 2018 (coed "Playground"); and two-year Divisions for 2016-17 (6U COED); 2014-15 (8U); 2012-13 (10U), 2010-11(12U), 2008-09 (14U), and combination teams for 16U and 19U 2003-2007
   How old / young does my child need to be to play AYSO soccer?
 Children between the ages of 3 and 18 as of December 31 can play AYSO soccer.
   Can I request certain practice days/times?
The best way to ensure you get the practice days and times you want is to volunteer to coach. If that is not possible you may place a request on your form, however; this does not guarantee your request. Also, many coaches do not pick their practice days and times until they have a roster in their hand; this makes it virtually impossible for the region to place kids by these very specific criteria.
  What is the duration of games?
 The length of game is dependent on the age division your child plays in.   Here is a good estimate of game durations:
 Playground - 50 minutes
 6U - 40 minutes
 8U - 40 minutes
 10U - 50 minutes
 12U - 60 minutes
 14U - 70 minutes
 16U - 80 minutes
 19U - 80 minutes
   What size soccer ball should I get for my child?
 Playground thru 8U- Size 3 ball
 10U thru 12U- Size 4 ball
 14U thru 19U- Size 5 ball
   What should I bring to my child's practices and games?
 Shin guards (required), tennis shoes or soccer cleat, a soccer ball (practices only - if brought to game, please have name on it), uniform (games only) and water.  Also, bringing a well-rested, well hydrated, nutritionally balanced child with a positive attitude and willingness to learn is highly recommended!
   Do I have to get soccer cleats for my child to play?
 No.  Soccer cleats are not mandatory but are highly recommended (regular athletic shoes with no cleats are the alternative). When buying soccer cleats, they cannot have a toe cleat (baseball shoes have a toe cleat). Generally speaking, nearly all players at all age levels use soccer cleats for practices and games.
   Why are the children required to wear their soccer socks over their shin guards?
 Safety is the primary reason. Some types of shin guards are hard shell instead of soft and may have sharp edges that could injure a player. By wearing their socks over the shin guards, players protect each other. Also, wearing the socks over the shin guards prevent the shin guards from shifting during running or when being kicked, which allow the shin guards to protect the areas they are supposed to.
   Is it OK for players to wear jewelry during practices and games?
 No.  Jewelry of any kind (necklaces, watches, earrings, rings, bracelets, etc.) cannot be worn during practice or games.
 There is an exception for Med-Alert bracelets, but they must be completely covered with tape or a soft cloth band for the safety of your child and all the other players.
   The doctor said that my child can play with his arm splint. Will AYSO allow him/her to play?
 No. While the doctor may be representing your child's interest appropriately, the risk to other players mandates that he limit his participation to that of moral support on the sidelines. Players may not wear casts or splints which could possibly cause injury to himself/herself or another player. NO EXCEPTIONS. This applies at the games as well as at practices.
   What about eyeglasses and hearing aids?
 Glasses, hearing aids, and med-alerts may be worn to practices and games. The use of an eyeglass holder/strap or sports-glasses is recommended. As stated above, Med-Alerts must be completely covered with tape or a soft cloth band as a safety measure.
   It can be cold during the late Fall and early Spring season. Can my child wear a sweatshirt/pants during    the games?
 Any extra articles of clothing must be worn under the uniform (so you can still determine which team a player is associated with). It is recommended that any extra articles of clothing be limited to undershirts or turtlenecks (under the uniform). Try to coordinate with your team’s colors if possible. Any extra articles cannot have any zippers or any plastic/metal components of any kind.
   What kinds of hair accessories are acceptable?
  Any hair accessories should not be made of metal or plastic and should not be rigid. Soft hair accessories such as “scrunchies” and soft    rubber bands are recommended and acceptable.
   Can I bring my dog to practices or games?
 At school facilities, no dogs are allowed.  If at a park that allows dogs, they must be on a leash.    You are responsible for their behavior and must clean up after them.  
   How are teams formed?
  AYSO 688 is based in the southeast valley and has large boundaries.  For practice purposes, we place players on teams by school and home address as best to our abilities.
   The fall season is approaching. When will I find out what team my child is on?
  Your coach will be contacting you middle to late August to introduce him or herself. Although email is a preferred method of    communication for most of our coaches, make sure to get their current phone number when they call. If you've not heard from your coach toward the end of August, please contact us at [email protected]

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